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May 1,2021 - Saturday

We are waiting for you in Cappadocia for a healthy and unforgettable summer

Covid-19 cases started to decrease in Turkey due to the measures implemented. Cappadocia is getting ready for summer and balloon tours will start again from 1 June

March 1,2021 - Monday

Welcome to the city where spring is the most beautiful

Spring is really beautiful in Cappadocia. You can visit this beautiful city with wonderful views. You can contact us for our discounted prices for March

October 1,2020 - Thursday

The Land of Beautiful Horses

Cappadocia, which means "the land of beautiful horses" in Persian, hosts tours on horseback during which tourists can feel the spirit of this fairy tale-like land

September 1,2020 - Tuesday

DJ Performance in Hot Air Balloon

World famous German DJ Ben Böhmer, who came to Turkey as the guest of the Culture and Tourism Ministry, performed on Aug 30 in hot air balloon in Cappadocia. He said he wanted to do this performance for a year and it was the craziest project that he has done so far

August 23,2020 - Sunday

Finally, We're Back in the Sky

Colorful hot air balloons dotted the skies of Cappadocia on Sunday morning, as the popular tourist activity resumed after a pause of 159 days due to the coronavirus pandemic

June 1,2020 - Monday

Museums were Opened to Visitors in Cappadocia

All museums in Cappadocia and Turkey were closed 75 days ago due to Covid-19 measures. The 75-day nightmare is over and all museums started receiving visitors as of June 1 2020

May 15,2020 - Friday

We are Waiting for July 1st

Hot air balloon rides were canceled due to the covid-19 measures and balloon tours will start on July 1, 2020 in Cappadocia. Stay Home, Stay Safe!

May 1,2020 - Friday

We Clean Cappadocia

As you know, Cappadocia is one of the safest cities in the world and there are very few covid-19 cases in our city. Despite this, we clean all museums and touristic places

February 9,2020 - Sunday

Nice Winter

The weather has cooled down. It's snowing and the nice winter continues in Cappadocia. Despite a nice winter, you need a more chance for balloon tour in the winter in Cappadocia. Because balloon flights can be canceled due to bad weather (hard wind, snow, rain or fog). We hope, the weather will be good for your vacation :)

January 19,2020 - Sunday

Noon Flight

We couldn't fly today in the morning. However, the weather was good at noon and it was a nice flight

January 5,2020 - Sunday

New Year, Towards New Adventures

If you want to experience new thrills in the new year, then Cappadocia is the right city to visit

December 22,2019 - Sunday

Preparing to Fly

We continue to illuminate the night... One of the most enjoyable aspects of the balloon tour is to watch them getting ready to fly

December 15,2019 - Sunday

Sunset in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is one of the best cities in the world to visit at sunset and you can watch the sunset from many places (Rose Valley, Red Valley, Love Valley and Lover's Hill)

December 8,2019 - Sunday

The First Snow of Winter Came in Cappadocia and "Love Valley" is Waiting for You

Cappadocia is more beautiful when snow falls. One of the best places to see this beauty is "Love Valley". There are a lot of tours available in Cappadocia where the Love Valley is included. You can see "Love Valley" in a Daily tour, ATV tour or Jeep Safari tour

December 1,2019 - Sunday

Everyone Like Our Amazing Balloon Tours

We are sad for you cute dog. Unfortunately, we can't accept animals. But, you can watch our lucky guests along with the wonderful view

November 27,2019 - Wednesday

The Last Days of Autumn

The weather will soon be cold in Cappadocia and adverse weather conditions (hard windy, rainy and snowy) will occur for balloon tour. However, the weather is very good in these days of November and our amazing flights continue. You can contact us to make a reservation with our discounted prices

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